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Cofeshow is a program for Windows to create presentations and slideshows for your projects. The videos you create with this application are completely customizable, giving you the results you're looking for in a super fast and easy way.

You can include photos, text, and audio in your presentations, and adjust their size and the speed at which they're shown. To begin, you need to choose a background from the default pictures or from your own photo gallery. Then you can start putting together the presentation.

Cofeshow has an assistant to guide you at all times, so you don't need any previous knowledge on presentations. You have to take three steps: First, choose the images and text you want to add to the presentation. As you add elements you can see, in the lower section, how long the background song will be playing. The more elements there are and the longer the video, the longer the song will play.

Finally, you have to set the video quality and the location where the result will be saved. You can choose between HD (1280x720) and Full HD (1920x1080). There are thousands of possibilities to create your presentations, so you'll never have to repeat the same style twice.
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